Activities for Your Men

Please LIKE this page and leave a comment sharing some of the activities you have done with the men on your church and I will evaluate about including them in this list.

  • Monthly or Quarterly breakfasts, lunch, or dinners.  Click here for a suggestion on how to plan.
  • Wild Game Night.  Click here for planning tool.
  • Attend a local or regional sporting event.  Consider having a viewing party if you cannot attend.
  • Attend a NASCAR event.  Consider a viewing party for this event.
  • Golf Tournament
  • Golf Outings – Spring and Fall golf leagues
  • Plan a day or weekend of fishing.
  • Turkey Shoot.
  • Father/Son camping trip.  Even include your sons in some of the other activities.
  • Father/Daughter Banquet
  • Attend a Men’s Conference.
  • Plan a retreat to the mountains or beach or just to a remote location away from the hustle and bustle of life.
  • Plan a day to celebrate your men in Church.
  • Give a gift to your men on Father’s Day and/or your Men’s Day.
  • Motorcycle or Bicycle rides.
  • Fishing trips.  Attend a Boat Show.
  • Hunting trips.  Attend an Outdoor Exposition in your area.